Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Art and God

God is the ultimate artist, the Master Creator. And guess what? Artists love artists. Artists support other artists. So connecting with God, through prayer, journaling, mediation, and scripture, will nourish the seeds of creativity inside you, so you can be fruitful.

Art is an enduring seed. Over the weekend, I watched the film "Intolerance" shot in Hollywood in 1916. I was drawn in by the story, and moved by the universal themes, even though it was shot before my parents were born.

As we turn over our gifts into the hands of the Master Artist, recognizing our creativity is a small part of His creativity, He flows though our talents to be of service to Him and to the world.

The Holy Spirit is creative. God created everything and saw that it was good. Art is a ministry, and ministry is an art. Creativity is one of the most spiritual experiences we can have. That's why even the audience has an emotional reaction in the movie theatre or listening to music at a concert.

Free from the partisan obligations of the politician, or the religious dogma of the doctrinaire, artists can be honest, telling the truth about God, the human heart, and the world. Artists air out the closets, and bring the healing light of truth into the darkened theatre. And we cry, we relate vicariously, we experience the dramatic catharsis Socrates described.

The arts are all related, springing from the same seed. That's why working on music can improve your filmmaking, writing poetry may improve your acting, doing a collage makes your cooking more experimental, or cleaning the apartment opens doors for your art, etc...

So write!! Create! Do something fun and frivolous that the child within you wants to do. Leave behind the legacy of something you create, whether it's a poem, a quilt, a drawing, a song, a film, a ministry, a play, a sculpture, a painting. When you create, you express the image of God.

Recommended Reading: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron
Art and the Bible by Francis Schaeffer
Addicted to Mediocrity by Franky Schaeffer


Blogger Michele Carbello said...

I could not agree more. Art is the purest form of experiencing God's greatness. It is without predjudice, blame or judgement. That comes from outside sources. Art, simply is. It is pure, untethered and untouched by influence. It simply is. Just as our great Creator simply is.

February 8, 2005 at 11:57 PM  
Blogger Richard Rossi said...

Thanks, Michelle, for the insightful comment.

February 10, 2005 at 1:58 PM  

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