Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Ed Wood inspires me. If you don't know who Ed Wood is, watch Johnny Depp's portrayal in the movie "Ed Wood." He was voted the worst director of all time and his film "Plan 9 From Outer Space" was voted worst movie of all time by the Golden Turkey Awards.

Ed made his films, even though people said he had no talent. He was homeless, carless, and phoneless some of the time and had to bum rides to set. He also has some pathologies, alcoholism and transvestism.

But he made seven films in Hollywood. He finished his films. That's more than you can say for his critics. He loved movies ever since he was a kid and he did what he loved. He even convinced the First Baptist Church of Beverly Hills to fund "Plan Nine From Outer Space." The church building is still there on Cynthia Street and I've attended services there. Some congregants still remember Ed and the day he and his cast of characters were baptized.

I'm making a movie about my childhood hero Roberto Clemente. I've been working on the story since I was nine years old. We're done shooting and now we are editing. We have wonderful volunteer editors and are moving forward. But I needed some inspiration yesterday so I watched some Ed Wood.

I am inspired as a filmmaker by Ed's tenacity. When I feel like giving up, I watch Ed and get inspired not to quit. I tell myself 'If Ed could make 7 films in Hollywood despite all his obstacles, I can finish my film.'

May the tenacity and joy Ed displayed in his films be with you always...


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