Monday, November 05, 2012


I know you my friends are all along the continuum from Democrat to Republican and everywhere in between. Some of my friends are on the lunatic fringe. Some of my friends are apathetic & not excited about either choice. I've lived long enough & even worked in politics professionally for both major parties & for independents. I know neither candidate delivers all they promise & no man is the magic elixir to fix everything. Republicans & Democrat leaders have disappointed me before and they probably will again. Ultimately only God can do the impossible. But all that being said, the right to vote is a pretty amazing thing & people have died over the right to vote. I know it may seem like it doesn't make much of a difference sometimes, especially if you're not in a swing state, but I would encourage all of you to exercise the right to vote if you can. I already voted early by mail. There's countries like China that don't have the freedom to pick leaders. We're lucky to have some choice. I'll be grateful and proud of you if you take time to vote.


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