Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Be present with who you are with and where you are. There's a biblical story about Jesus visiting the home of 2 sisters, Mary and Martha. Martha was busy and distracted but Mary sat and was present with Jesus. When you are with somebody and tune them out to text or answer calls you are telling that person they are not as important as someone else. Bring present is key in successful relationships. I went to hear my son Josh perform at a bar in Santa Monica a while back. During a break in the music, the place was deathly quiet. Every single person at the bar was looking down texting. Not one person was talking to those around them. I felt like I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone and was on a strange planet of a rude and socially retarded species. I've performed in bars as a musician since I was a kid and they used to be a hub of talking and flirting and raucous socialization, like Cheers, a place where people knew each other's names. Even the bartender had his back turned and was texting so it took me ten minutes to get his attention so I could get my wife a Coke. I can't verify the exact Einstein quote but he allegedly once predicted when technology surpasses face to face human interaction humans will have become a generation of idiots. Has that day arrived?


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