Thursday, July 03, 2014


I just caused a ruckus when my wife and I were on a date as part of our week of fun outings to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. We had lunch at Nate n Al Delicatessen for lunch then went to TV museum where they had exhibits of iconic shows. They had stuff from Flintstones, Batman, Seinfeld, & the holy grail of Wonder Woman Lynda Carter's costume there. Seeing the costume, I felt disappointed. I lost my social filter and turned into a little kid throwing a tantrum. I approached the guy guarding the costume. "The costume's fake," I said. My wife tries to stop me. "It's authentic, how dare you," he said. "No, it's not real. I remember, you can't fool me, Wonder Woman's satin tights were bright sky blue with white stars like an American flag. Don't you remember the theme song?" I decide to sing it for him, because he looks clueless. "Fighting for our rights, in her satin tights, of red, white and BLUE..." I sing. The docent's face is beet red. "Are you through with your performance now?" he said. A crowd is gathered now around the costume. These tights are light purple," I said. "He's right," my wife said. "Lynda Carter's were blue." The offended museum docent breathed deeply and calmed himself. "Yes, you're right. They were originally bright blue satin tights, but the show is nearly 40 years ago and the tights faded over time. Between filming outdoors, languishing in storage for years. It all takes a helluva toll. Hence, the shading is no longer bright blue. However, if you look underneath this exterior part that is torn to an original interior patch..." He is now playing with the WW tights and revealing bright blue thread underneath. "You can see, sir, these are in fact Lynda Carter's original satin tights." Like Leakey on an archeological dig, we're excited to unearth the bright blue thread deep below the recesses of the outer fabric. My wife is smiling. "My husband doesn't remember everything from growing up," she said. "But for some reason he sure remembers Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman..."


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