Friday, September 02, 2005


I have to vent some anger here. My blog is primariliy positive, with a focus on God and the Arts, the symbiotic relationship between the Creator and Creativity.

However, I felt so mad last night, to see babies without formula, displaced people in need of food and shelter after hurricane Katrina, while we continue to spend billions in the Iraq fiasco, our own brethren need help here.

I believe we must be positive and look for solutions, rather than look who to blame, but I must say at times I'm astounded at how people of faith give such unthinking support and allegiance to our government, even though it is clear we were lied to about the reasons for going to Iraq.

I believe Iraq is becoming another Vietnam, and the resources used there should be better deployed to assist our countrymen. There are things George Bush has done for which I applaud him, such as sticking up for Creation being taught along with Evolution, he has had a voice to include faith in public life. I think on the whole, churchgoing evangelicals have been duped time and time again by politicians into blindly supporting their current warmongering agenda. Evangelicals are offended by sex and profanity, but they tolerate lies and violence.

The Real Jesus is a lot different from the Religious Jesus.
The Real Jesus is full of compassion, not condemnation. Grace, not guilt. Love, not Laws. He heals people, but religion hurts people.

The Real Jesus is not about bigger and better bombs, and burning cities. the Religious Rambos who advocate assasinations and war, are misusing the Name of the Prince of Peace. While oil barons hold the highest places of power, gas prices soar. The Religious Right champions those in power because they give tacit profession to their values regarding abortion and homosexuality, while a record number of bodies pile up on their watch. Fear controls the masses, as skilled and evil leaders use red alerts and threats of terrorist attack to keep us thinking we won't be safe without them in office. And the poor and oppressed cry out to the Living God for deliverance.

How many cannonballs must fly, before they're forever banned...the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind....