Wednesday, January 31, 2018


$$$$ We're offering financial reward for any tips that lead to an arrest of the individual(s) that gave my youngest brother Pete Rossi a fatal dose of fentanyl. Please direct questions/info to our friends at the police, specifically Detective Eric Egli (412) 369-7992 Ext. 137, email:

All information collected will be reviewed for validity, and if the submitted information leads to an arrest/conviction in Pete’s case, the submitter(s) will receive the total reward amount in the form of a cashiers check.* For reward tracking purposes, information must only be submitted through this manner.

Confidentiality: The identities of those who submit information, will be kept in strictest confidence, never being released at any time, except to appropriate authorities for further investigation, or as directed by the submitter at the time of the submission.

Pete’s Cause of Death: Pete, like many of us, had his struggles and experienced difficult circumstances within the last year of his life, including his telling some of us he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. While the family will never know for sure, we believe the physical and emotional pain he suffered, led him to illegal street drugs for pain management. In Pete’s case these drugs were laced with Fentanyl and caused an accidental overdose, which is punishable by law. His death serves as unfortunate reminder that it only takes just one dose to be lethal. Pete was a great musician, and we are sad to have his presence and music taken from us.

Help Is Available: If you personally suffer from addiction or would like to help combat the opioid crisis, please join the free Facebook group “Families Fighting Fentanyl”. This group which was started by the Rossi family, hopes to enact positive social change worldwide through political advocation, while providing emotional support and helpful information to those who battle with addiction and their loved ones.

Rossi Family Message: The family respectfully asks for privacy at this time, and cannot answer any questions regarding the investigation as all case details are confidential, and we do not want to jeopardize the case in any way. We’d also like to thank our family and friends, and are ever grateful for the continued love and support shown to us.

*Notes: The submitter is responsible for any and all applicable taxes/fees. If more than one submitter is eligible for the reward, then the reward may be divided among all eligible submitters.

Saturday, January 27, 2018


Recently, a Christian "college" offered to give me an "honorary doctorate" and wanted me to mention it publicly and they would use my name publicly for receiving this degree. Upon doing 10 minutes of due diligent research, I discovered they weren't legitimately accredited. Their "accreditation" is from World-Wide Accreditation Commission of Christian Educational Institutions (WWAC) a fake accreditation agency that accredits fake religious diploma mills. I worked and studied hard to receive the four college degrees I earned from accredited colleges, and I hold a strong personal ethic that we should back up our claims with substance. Here in Hollywood, I've seen people promote projects with red carpets and spotlights that are tasteless crap, and the religious world has its share of fakes and smoke and mirrors. Andy Warhol said anyone can get their 15 minutes of fame but you have to have talent and hard work for it to last. NO I don't want a FAKE DEGREE from a diploma mill. If I get another degree, I will earn it.