Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I love to write and make movies. Those familiar with screenplay structure know most movies, at their basic level, follow a three-act structure. For example, using a 120 minute movie as a template, the first 20 pages or 20 minutes are Act One, and introduce the characters and their world. A turning point happens at approximately 20 pages or 20 minutes in that leads us into Act 2. Act 2 is usually about 80 minutes and involves conflict and the main character(s) overcoming obstacles. As we near the end of Act 2, it can get bad and feel like all is lost and hopeless.

One hundred pages or minutes in, there's a turning point that brings resolution. The last 20 pages or 20 minutes (Act 3), involve some triumph for our hero. Granted, structure can get more complicated than that, and there's a bunch of books/teachers that analyze it in greater depth, but that's basically a structure that has worked well.

I was just thinking about the Easter story and in cinematic terms, Jesus definitely has the best Third Act around. I mean no disrespect to you who are my friends and don't buy or believe the story, or are coming from a different cultural or religious background.

Think about it, though. No other religion deals with the fundamental fear of humanity which is mortality and death. Jesus predicts His death and says, "Destroy the temple of My body and in three days I will rise again." Then He does it, promising us eternal life. WOW. What a third act. I've studied world religions and nothing else comes close to that third act of the resurrection and the promise of eternal life.

This Easter, regardless of your background, if you feel fear and hopelessness, like you are in the tomb and the future is uncertain, it may be Friday and all seems dead and lost, but Sunday's coming! Easter is on the way. You shall rise again! Jesus said, "Because I live, you shall live also..."

Happy Easter friends :)