Wednesday, May 09, 2012

My new book "Create Your Life:Daily Meditations On Creativity" Comes Out Next Month

Here's the Amazon description for my new book coming out next month to give you a preview for what's in the works:

Do you want a life beyond your wildest dreams? Do you want to escape the terrible fate of the “normies?” The normies are Richard Rossi's name for the “normal” people on planet earth who work jobs they hate and fight the rush hour twice a day. Normies find themselves feeling old before their time. Rossi wants to make you a winner and help you take off in your creativity.

The purpose of Rossi's new book 'Create Your Life: Daily Meditations On Creativity' is to inspire you to sing the song that is within you, to not die with your song buried in the grave unsung. It is the 1st volume in a series.

The author lives in Los Angeles, where it seems 90% of the people there want to write a screenplay or make a movie, or write a book, or make music or act. The waiter and the welder, the barista and the businessman, the down and outers and the up and iners, they all want to do something other than their day job. Few go out into the real world and put those dreams into action. Few are finishers. Rossi penned this book in the hopes of inspiring you to be a finisher. His goal is to inspire and encourage you to create your life and art.

You can read any of the individual essays on creativity and spiritual issues (which can be as short as a paragraph or as long as a few pages) as a daily meditation and read one entry a day. Others may read it front to back like a normal book. The subjects deal with art and creativity, and maintaining a spiritually healthy approach to life.

If you are a struggling artist, this book will help you become a successful one. Rossi says, "Your dream to create your life will be as individual as you are. Your way will be unique, unlike anyone else. Reading Create Your Life will encourage you and enable to create work you love and a life that is an abundant adventure."