Friday, July 31, 2015


(L. to R: My brother Tony (age 2), brother Joe (age 1), Grandma Hardina, and Me (age 3)

Story behind the above pic: My parents were musicians, & New Year's Eve is a big gig night. I was upset because I wanted to go hear my Dad play New Year's Eve at a pub but Mom said I couldn't go because it was "an adult party & kids can't go in bars."

"Dad took me to bars to hear him play before," I said.

"Yeah, but not this time," Mom said. She used child psychology. "You'll have better party with Grandma, I'm buying you, Tony, & Joe special hats and noisemakers." She sold me that we'd have fun and outsmarted me this time, LOL.

This Grandma was my Mom's mom, she lived with us at the time, & was sadly the first person I was close to who passed away. (when I was 9)